Fashion Shoppers

StylePuzzle is looking for fashion shoppers.
The dream job of every girl!

We're looking for fashion shoppers who are reliable, knowledgeable about brands, go shopping on a regular basis, and love exploring their city. Create your own flexible schedule & make extra money from your shopping hobby!

What is StylePuzzle?

StylePuzzle is an online community that connects Personal Fashion Shoppers (you!) with customers who don't have time to shop for recent fashions.

How Does It Work?

When a user sign up, we match her with a fashion shopper. The shopper then go shopping on her behalf using her budget, finds recent fashion styles and delivers them. Simple!

How Do Personal Shoppers Get Paid?

Every transaction made earns you a commission. The amount of the commission is based on many things, including the number of items the customer orders, the total cost of the items and more.

Who Qualifies to be a Fashion Shopper?

Girls who

  • Have good fashion sense
  • Are knowledgeable about fashion
  • Love fashion shopping, and shop on a regular basis
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Can work from home or from remote for 10 to 20 hours per week
  • Having a personal fashion blog is a plus!

A Schedule Customized to You

You'll only work during times that work for you! Just set your availability each week for days and times that fit your own lifestyle and your own shopping schedule.


Apply above and send 5 pictures of yours with a short self intro to